My New Side Hussle

You can’t live your life through someone else. Unfortunately, a lesson I had to learn the hard way. One that I thought I already knew. Over the past few months during my apprenticeship with Acton Academy, I learned a lot about marketing and content creation but also about myself. Students are taught here that theyContinue reading “My New Side Hussle”

The Value of Collaboration

My city has a farmer’s market every Thursday. I’ve started working there in order to earn some extra money and today was my first day.  I feel like I spend nearly every waking moment inside so it was amazing to get to spend part of the day outside and get paid for it too. IContinue reading “The Value of Collaboration”

Tunnel Vision – Is it really that bad?

My boss gave me some feedback the other day on my work performance, as he was doing for all the employees. He said that I had a tendency to have tunnel vision but that this quality has been steadily improving. I imagine it’s improving due to my recent goal to overcome my perfectionist mindset whichContinue reading “Tunnel Vision – Is it really that bad?”