October 2017

Photography courtesy of Jodi VanWagnan.


 Every year the Regent, a small, art deco theater has special “Shocktober” showings of classic horror movies during the month of October.  I knew there had to be a way to increase excitement and awareness about the event.  I became inspired by social media campaigns by other businesses that cultivated an online relationship with their customers but I also knew that the local community depended largely on word of mouth for local current events. The question was: how do I use both of these things to the theater’s advantage?

  With the permission of my manager, I produced the Shocktober banner; an   8 x 8 foot banner that hung in the alleyway on the outer wall of the Regent. In conjunction we also created a prize drawing with multiple opportunities to gain entries, including taking a picture with the banner and posting it online. The idea behind it was to create something that would stand out to someone simply driving through town but we could also use to spread awareness on social media.

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