Building an Online Jewelry Shop

I’ve known someone for many years now who creates amazing jewelry. It began as a love and curiosity for natural elements and has turned into a great hobby for her. She has sold items before to friends but has never had an outlet to sell to a larger crowd. In March of 2018, I set out to help provide that.

The Name

The first step was to create a name. Our challenge was finding something that rolled off the tongue easily but also harnessed the natural elements that she used in her jewelry and alluded to her love of Michigan.  I suggested we to try to choose a person’s name because of the iconic fashion brands out there like Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Jared, etc. After searching through lists and lists of names and their meanings we decided on Lachlan, meaning from the land of lakes.I was then able to purchase a domain name and begin the process of building the website.


Next was the logo. I made as many as I could with what she had described that she envisioned, worrying less about making it perfect and more about having a wide range of concepts.


I used a serif font for a clean look and incorporated flowers to represent the natural elements that she uses in her designs for this one. This was her favorite of the ones I made akin to what she said she envisioned.



Here I used a mix of serif and san serif fonts to add more variety to the image. This was my personal favorite of the ones I designed based on what she wanted.


In this one, I continued the “L” encircled design and incorporated the leaves as part of the circle for the natural element. While we both very much liked the way this one turned out, it was still a bit too plain.


I created these with minimalism in mind and in all honesty, I made them more for fun. They were the farthest from what she said she wanted but were surprisingly her favorites and she had a hard time choosing between them.
Page_1My solution was to keep the standalone design as the logo and use different backgrounds or incorporate small elements that don’t change the overall design for various purposes.


The Process

Building a Website: Week One

Building a Website: Week Two

Building A Website: Week Three

Building A Website: Week Four

Finished Product

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.01.41 PM

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