Instagram Rehab: Allegan Library (In Progress)

Beginning number of followers: 174
Current number of followers: 261
50% Increase
Average amount of likes per post before: 3
Average amount of likes per post after: 17.82
494% Increase

A month or so ago I began an endeavor to improve the Allegan District Library’s Instagram with a few goals in mind:

  • Increase our following
  • Create a more engaging platform
  • Use as a resource to keep patrons informed

I think the most exciting thing about this project for me is that because I am so young in comparison to the age range that libraries typically hire, I have a competitive edge on previous employees who have managed the account and other surrounding libraries on what kinds of things our teenage and young adult audience would enjoy seeing.

The first order of business was to purge the page of all “unaesthetic” content. Thankfully, I was given full reign of the account and was told, “Do whatever you want with it” so nothing was out of the question. I deleted nearly every post, removing that which had minimal interaction and lacked a pleasing appearance.

I then had to actively seek out, on top of my daily work, things that would generate interest on our Instagram page. So far I have been able to stage a few photos, and others have been completely perfect timing.

While my first couple of posts don’t appear to have much interaction, the interaction we did receive was significant when considering the number of followers we had at the time and the amount of interaction our posts had previously received.

I’ve also been utilizing hashtags quite a bit, strategically using extremely popular ones and lesser-known ones to garner more interaction.



I will continue to update as this project progresses and so far I’m happy with the results.


Check out my updates for this project:

Instagram Rehab: Update 1

Instagram Rehab: Update 2

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