Tunnel Vision – Is it really that bad?

My boss gave me some feedback the other day on my work performance, as he was doing for all the employees. He said that I had a tendency to have tunnel vision but that this quality has been steadily improving. I imagine it's improving due to my recent goal to overcome my perfectionist mindset which [...]

The Sleepy Girl’s Guide to Maintaining Productivity

Scientists say that teenagers require more sleep than adults, and from my personal experience, that has definitely rung true. But for me, it seems that this requirement for more sleep is something I have yet to grow out of. So until it goes away (which I'm beginning to think it might not), I have to [...]

Jobs And Relationships Similarities: Compatibility

There's an overgeneralized and overused phrase that everyone's heard at least several times in their lifespan: opposites attract. How much further from the truth could that be? One would think that being with someone opposite yourself would enrich your life with that which you are not accustomed, adding variety and excitement. But what it generally [...]