How I grew my awareness on Pinterest from 800 views a month to 9.1K in a matter of days

Check out my profile on Pinterest: @coolgirlvibezz I pin about art, lifestyle, aesthetic, and fashion. Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms. I get some of my best inspiration from here and not only that, but it’s a huge tool for driving traffic to your personal or professional sites. Pinterest will be huge for building myContinue reading “How I grew my awareness on Pinterest from 800 views a month to 9.1K in a matter of days”

My New Side Hussle

You can’t live your life through someone else. Unfortunately, a lesson I had to learn the hard way. One that I thought I already knew. Over the past few months during my apprenticeship with Acton Academy, I learned a lot about marketing and content creation but also about myself. Students are taught here that theyContinue reading “My New Side Hussle”

Instagram Rehab: Update 2

Posting regularly has definitely proven to be difficult. But now that I have enacted a software to automatically update our page at a designated time, I’ve found a new challenge. I’m struggling to produce as much content as I want to be able to. It’s a library, for goodness sake. There’s tons of material. TheContinue reading “Instagram Rehab: Update 2”

Building An Online Buisness: Week Four

I never thought that I could be so excited about a website builder. This week I focused solely on the website, adding the products, their pictures, descriptions, and every other aspect that a customer would potentially interact with. I was so glad that I was doing everything with Squarespace. In fact, Squarespace made implementing theContinue reading “Building An Online Buisness: Week Four”

Instagram Rehab: Update 1

The Allegan District Library has been swiftly working to expand its reach within the community, as well as expand physically. After several years of jumping through hoops, the library has finally received federal funding for a well-needed building expansion and renovation. This highly anticipated project is being followed with a few growing pains but alsoContinue reading “Instagram Rehab: Update 1”

Building An Online Busness: Week Three

This week I focused my attention on the products themselves, determining pricing, creating descriptions and names for each product based on its makeup, and photographing everything. Pricing and Naming We pulled all of the products, sat down and went through them all. We listed what materials were used, how much money was invested in theContinue reading “Building An Online Busness: Week Three”

Building an Online Business: Week Two

This week I did not follow a concrete plan, instead focusing the smaller details. For shipping the items we had originally planned to take a simple route by wrapping the products in bubble wrap and placing them in standard shipping envelopes. After some thought, however, I realized that this would not properly convey the craftsmanshipContinue reading “Building an Online Business: Week Two”

Building an Online Business: Week One

I’ve known someone for many years now who creates amazing jewelry. It began as a love and curiosity for natural elements and has turned into a great hobby for her. She has sold items before to friends but has never had an outlet to sell to a larger crowd. This month I have set outContinue reading “Building an Online Business: Week One”