Actors Need Self-Awareness. So Do You.

Self-Awareness is a concept I’ve been pondering lately both on a professional and personal level, and I’ve realized there are several kinds: Awareness of body.Awareness of ability.Awareness of desire/intent. (want)Awareness of behavior. When analyzing a character for a script, I have to answer questions about that character based on each level of awareness to betterContinue reading “Actors Need Self-Awareness. So Do You.”

Becoming a Portrait Photographer

The best part about starting my ongoing acting classes at the beginning of this month, is all of the amazing people I’ve met and friends I’ve made. A great life hack for making friends after moving somewhere new is definitely getting involved in acting, even if it’s just community theater. (Los Angeles might be anContinue reading “Becoming a Portrait Photographer”

How I grew my awareness on Pinterest from 800 views a month to 9.1K in a matter of days

Check out my profile on Pinterest: @coolgirlvibezz I pin about art, lifestyle, aesthetic, and fashion. Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms. I get some of my best inspiration from here and not only that, but it’s a huge tool for driving traffic to your personal or professional sites. Pinterest will be huge for building myContinue reading “How I grew my awareness on Pinterest from 800 views a month to 9.1K in a matter of days”

My New Side Hussle

You can’t live your life through someone else. Unfortunately, a lesson I had to learn the hard way. One that I thought I already knew. Over the past few months during my apprenticeship with Acton Academy, I learned a lot about marketing and content creation but also about myself. Students are taught here that theyContinue reading “My New Side Hussle”

Praxis Tech Stack: Utilizing Google

I always express to people using the computer why it’s so beneficial to use google over many other alternatives out there but I knew that there was still a lot for me to learn about using several programs that Google has to offer. So this month as part of my Tech Stack learning, I workedContinue reading “Praxis Tech Stack: Utilizing Google”

Praxis Tech Stack: Adobe After Effects

Review of the program. Adobe after effects is a video making software but is perhaps best for what I would call “from scratch” compositions for animations in which do not require prior footage, though it certainly can be used to edit such videos and add certain effects. This is not the adobe program for trueContinue reading “Praxis Tech Stack: Adobe After Effects”

Praxis Tech Stack: Zapier Notes

What is zapier? Zapier is a tool that lets you connect all kinds of web apps & software to share information between them all, streamlining many processes. Creates automation between two or more apps with seemingly endless combinations   Terminology Zap: An automated workflow between apps; a blueprint for a task you may plan toContinue reading “Praxis Tech Stack: Zapier Notes”

Creativity and Forward Thinking Review

This week the focus was creativity and forward thinking. I enjoyed a lot of the content for this week and it was very inciteful. It was interesting to consume content that I found myself finding points I initially wanted to disagree with as so far the content I have encountered for this module have beenContinue reading “Creativity and Forward Thinking Review”