Actors Need Self-Awareness. So Do You.

Self-Awareness is a concept I’ve been pondering lately both on a professional and personal level, and I’ve realized there are several kinds:

Awareness of body.
Awareness of ability.
Awareness of desire/intent. (want)
Awareness of behavior.

When analyzing a character for a script, I have to answer questions about that character based on each level of awareness to better understand who they are.

The script does not provide the entirety of the character. It is the actor’s job to create that depth. Only after establishing and coming to a full understanding of who that character actually is, can an actor do their job.

Why should this matter to you?

Because just like the actor, you are limited by your own level of self-awareness. You are both the character and the actor of your own life.

You must constantly asses and reassess what you actually want. “Actually” is the keyword.

You may be pursuing a college degree because you want it, but when boiled down, you actually just want your parent’s or society’s approval.

You may want more followers on social media but what you actually want is validation.

Once you establish what you’re truly wanting, then you can analyze how you go about getting it. Or, if you truly need it to be happy in the first place.

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