How I grew my awareness on Pinterest from 800 views a month to 9.1K in a matter of days

Check out my profile on Pinterest: @coolgirlvibezz

I pin about art, lifestyle, aesthetic, and fashion.

Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms. I get some of my best inspiration from here and not only that, but it’s a huge tool for driving traffic to your personal or professional sites. Pinterest will be huge for building my personal brand and awareness.

I recently switched from a personal profile to a business profile and let me tell you, what a difference it’s made. I can track statistics, make paid promotions, and see my progress. I was shocked that just a few small changes increased my profile views in just a few days.

  • Daily Activity

Maintain a constant stream of content to all of your boards. You don’t want people to forget about you! Pinning from others will assist in maintaining high output and engagement.

  • Caption with your username

I noticed a lot of other people doing this and at first, I thought it was kinda over the top but it truly helps! By putting your username in the caption, often people will repin without removing it and it acts as an indicator to other pinners where they can find more pins like it.

  • Pay attention to who’s repinning from you

I don’t think enough people do this. When someone repins from you or even follows you, take a gander at their page. Find some of their pins to repin and follow a board of theirs. This assists in building a sense of community.

  • Make your profile SEO friendly

Stop treating Pinterest as a social network and treat it more like a search engine. Add descriptions to your boards and make sure the names of your boards accurately and clearly describe what you’re pinning. This makes it much easier for the people who are looking for your content to find you.

Special recommendation for businesses:

Many make the mistake of strictly posting their own curated content to Pinterest. And while that is a huge part of building and showing your brand, if you truly want to drive up traffic to your blog or site, you will want something more to draw people in.

Repining from other people or pages things that also fit your brand is invaluable for catching more eyes. When you repin from someone, they receive a notification that you did so, increasing the chances that they’ll see your page. And if you’re pinning from them, chances are they’ll be interested in the content that you have to offer.

And by pinning more you increase community engagement.

Happy pinning!

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