My New Side Hussle

You can’t live your life through someone else. Unfortunately, a lesson I had to learn the hard way. One that I thought I already knew.

Over the past few months during my apprenticeship with Acton Academy, I learned a lot about marketing and content creation but also about myself. Students are taught here that they should focus more on what they are passionate about rather than trying to live up to average standards set in place for them by some higher power.

It wasn’t until I saw the growth that was taking place in these students’ lives that I realized how much I let myself be shaped by what I felt others expected of me and what was typically deemed as “practical”.

For a time, I was able to feel like I didn’t have to pursue that which I feel I have a calling to do. I felt comfortable living without satisfying that itch because someone I was close to was pursuing it for me. Not actually for me of course- for themselves, but I felt I could live my life satisfied simply by having them around.

It’s easier, after all, to live through someone else in that way. There’s no work involved, but no true satisfaction or recognition either.

It’s not the aches and pains of hard work that will kill you. It’s regret. I don’t mean physically kill. I mean spiritually. Why deny yourself the satisfaction of having at least given it all you’ve got and learning the outcome when you know the opposite is sitting in the nursing home wondering what could have been? That crap kills your soul long before you’ve given up the ghost.

I’m lucky enough to have met some wonderful people within the past year during my time in the Praxis program that have inspired and encouraged me to pursue that which I have a calling for. And with the experience I’ve gained through this program, my understanding of building a brand and marketing, I know I have a competitive edge.

Effective work, creative work, and hard work are what I plan to put on full display for all to see as I truly pursue this thing in a way that I have yet to see many others do. The best way to learn and work is to do it out loud after all.

I’m talking blogs, vlogs (as soon as this giant zit goes away), new projects, an updated website, and maybe even a podcast because gosh darn it, I’m feeling ambitious.

And who knows? Perhaps I’ll get further into it and decide it’s not truly for me. But I have to actually go for it to find out. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I’m going to be an actor, guys.

#sidehussle #letsgetit

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