Praxis Tech Stack: Utilizing Google

I always express to people using the computer why it’s so beneficial to use google over many other alternatives out there but I knew that there was still a lot for me to learn about using several programs that Google has to offer. So this month as part of my Tech Stack learning, I worked to learn how I can use Google even more to make better use of my account.

Google Docs

    • You can share entire folders by selecting the desired folder and then selecting the icon with a plus sign and a person. There you can add people who can have access to it and change settings for view only or enabling editing.
    • Tag people in comments on a document by typing a + followed by the user’s email. Example:   This will send them a notification that they were tagged.


  • Switching to Suggestion Mode will allow any edits that are made to show up as only suggestions instead of a permanent change to the document. Shows up in green, and suggestions also show up in the comments. The original user can accept or decline the change by selecting which they prefer.


  • To keep tabs on what your colleagues have done, you can view a revision history via File > See Revision History or by clicking the link next to “Help” on the top menu (it might say “All changes saved in Drive” or “Last edit made by X 10 minutes ago”). A list on the right side will show you who updated the doc and when; click their name to see what they did.
  • If you can’t remember the name of the file you want, but you can remember who shared it with you, click on Shared with Me in the left menu of Google Drive. You’ll get a list of all the documents you share access to. If the list is too long to parse, type the collaborator’s name in the search field at the top to narrow down the choices.

Google Sheets

    • You can select a template or create from scratch
    • To find the Sum highlight that which you want to sum, go to Insert > function > sum


  • To Upload a Spreadsheet to Google go into settings and check to make sure convert files is checked, otherwise, it will upload as an excel file and not a google sheets file. Click on New > File Upload


      • NOTE: Things do not always convert perfectly
    • Click once to Select a Cell, double-click to Make changes within that cell.


  • Select an entire Column by left-clicking once on the letter of the desired column.
  • Select an entire Row by left-clicking once on the number of the desired row.
  • Select the entire Sheet by clicking the box in the left-hand corner above row 1 and before column A


    • Google sheets use a standard rounding convention when this selection is chosen. $19.99 automatically is displayed as $20, but the actual value inside the box is still 19.99


  • Merge cells by clicking the symbol that looks like:


  merge cells.png

  • Use the Align icon to change the alignment of the text within the cell
  • For alternating colors within a table, select the desired portion of the table, then go to format > alternating colors. A box will appear showing options of colors, styles, and other customizable features.

Google Calendar

  • Best utilized by downloading the application for this on your phone.


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