Praxis Tech Stack: Adobe After Effects

Review of the program.

Adobe after effects is a video making software but is perhaps best for what I would call “from scratch” compositions for animations in which do not require prior footage, though it certainly can be used to edit such videos and add certain effects. This is not the adobe program for true video making such as a vlog but is still extremely valuable for making a different kind of video.

The thing that  I have found to prove the most challenging when using this software is how complicated it looks upon initial viewing- in fact, even after spending time over the course of this month working with this software there is still far more for me to learn than that which I have already learned.

I have found that the easiest way to add a new element to a composition is to click layer at the top of the page and then select “new”. From there you can select what kind of new layer you need such as “text” and “solid”.

It is a fairly touchy program. For some reason, it seemed very easy to make detrimental mistakes that were hard to undo. People posting tutorials made everything look easy and did not seem to encounter the issues that I did when it came to simple tasks such as selecting an element and moving it to a new position on the page. I often relied on the “align” feature to adjust the placement of an element but even with that I experienced difficulty.

My tutorial:

How to move the position of an element on an Adobe After Effects Composition.

Some tutorials that helped me:

Some Simple Animations

Difference Between After Effect and Premier Pro

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