Texting Sucks

There are good texters and there are bad texters. I’m still unsure as to which I am. Objectively one would think I would be great at it because I’m so young. But as I get older it has become more of a chore. I no longer have the time to sit and text multiple people at one time. There was a point in time that I found it to be the best gauge of popularity or the best way to get to know someone, in fact, I made a lot of good relationships through texting.

Only now do I realize just how unhealthy that is. To determine your self-worth based on how many people are texting you, how many people want to talk to you daily, or if that certain person, in particular, is messaging you back fast enough. It’s such a trivial thing to waste your energy on.

We seem to place such a high value on texting, but isn’t it more meaningful to actually go out and spend time with that person? They may take a couple of seconds to reply to your message but are they actually setting aside time for you? Are you setting aside time for them?

Then on top of that, it is extremely difficult to convey tone via text. I cannot tell you the number of awkward situations I have encountered during texting conversations because the message was interpreted incorrectly. When you subtract tone from the equation of a conversation, you lose an important asset in communication causing messages to become misconstrued.

I will always appreciate the convenience of texting to solve a quick problem or reach someone without interrupting what they may be doing, but to depend on texting for a majority of your basic communication is a huge social limitation.

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