Urban Outfitters Haul: Product Review

As a fashion and design aficionado, an entrepreneur, and a lover of shopping, I have decided to begin documenting my experience with the various products that I purchase from different popular brands. I’ll be critiquing the quality of fabric, how comfortable the product feels, and how alike it truly is to how it was advertised.

I recently purchased a significant amount of items from Urban Outfitters online. Online is my only option as the nearest store is approximately two and a half hours away from me. They do tend to be on the pricey side as they have a lot of name brand items but I’m also a sucker for name brands. So here we are.

Thankfully, I had received a gift card from my father for my birthday and Urban Outfitters had sent me a special coupon offer for my birthday as well since I’m part of their membership program. Whoo!

Levi’s Deconstructed Denim Mini Skirt

I’ve always been a strictly pants kind of person but as it’s been getting warmer and the potential that I may move somewhere warmer becomes more prevalent I’ve realized that maybe skirts would be a good idea.

Denim mini skirts are such a trend right now as well so I figured, what the hay. I’m generally a size 25 in Levi’s, which is something that I love about their brand. Their measurements from product to product are very consistent (as they should be).

The material was very quality, which is something I have so far always been able to expect of Levi’s. It had great pocket depth and the skit itself was not freakishly short which I love. Definitely looked as I expected it to.

There were only a couple unexpected things. For one, it was not a zip-up front, it’s a button-up which isn’t much of a problem other than it taking a little more effort to put them on. Also, the waist of the skirt was very loose on me. It was comfortably fitted around the hips but the waist was significantly unfitted in comparison. This is easily fixed by a tailor, however.

Worth it?: I’d say so. Should last for a very long time. Maybe one day I can resell it as “vintage”.


Boston Oversized Ringer Tee

This one definitely spoke to my bold side. I was drawn to its colorfulness, and the fruit on it made it the perfect balance of weird and cute.

I read a lot of reviews about how the material was not overly soft and it appears a bit boxy on some people so I was prepared for what came in the mail. It was definitely a lot like customers had described but the material was not a problem to me if anything it just feels durable. I’m sure it will also soften up a bit in the wash.

The fit was loose which was exactly what I was hoping for and the colors were exactly as purchased.

Worth it?: Definitely.


Light Before Dark Pleat Front Pant

Many of the reviews I had read before purchasing these pants said that the material was quite thin and that it fits many people in an unflattering way so I took a bit of a chance on these ones.

The material was a little on the thin side but I prefer that over extremely heavy work pants anyway, especially as summer begins to kick in here. It did look exactly as pictured. One thing that was strange though is that it has belt loops throughout the front of the pants but none in the back. The pleats also form in a questionably flattering way but I think a little ironing would take it out.

It fit fairly comfortably as well, the elastic waistband was a good choice by the designers. The fit of the bottom of the pant leg is a little questionable, it looks very loose on me but I think with the right shoes it would work. What’s nice about these pants is they make for great business attire as well as casual wear.


Worth it?: I think so, I’m going to have to wear them around for a bit and see how truly functional they are.

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