Sometimes Things Just Fall Into Place

I walked out of the library to an alluring scene. The sun was out, it was one of those days that wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold. I was on my lunch break and as I approached my car I noted that the sidewalk was completely covered in flower petals. I couldn’t let such beauty go to waste.

I could just take an ordinary picture of the sidewalk, but where’s the fun in that? I called my sister with an idea fresh in my mind for a great Instagram picture, knowing that there was a small chance she was still in town.

Me: “Hey, are you still in town?”

Her: “Yeah, just finished up at work. I decided to go for a walk around town.”

Me: “That’s awesome, do you want to come help me take a cool picture? I’m just outside the library.”

Her: “Sure, I’ll be there in a second!”

She arrived and I told her what I was thinking about for the picture. I had to lay on the petals, which, because it had rained that morning, were actually quite wet. I got a great picture for my Instagram out of the deal though so I would say it was well worth it.

The time of day was perfect as well as it began to get cloudy just a little while after that. And it was perfect because my sister had just gotten out of work, I had just gone on break. Had I decided to wait until the next day to take the picture, all of the pedals would have been gone. The trees seem to lose their flowers just as quickly as they appear.

All this simply to say that every now and then, the stars align and something great can come out of a series of seemingly ordinary events. Look forward to the simple things, because they can turn into extraordinary things.

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