The Value of Collaboration

My city has a farmer’s market every Thursday. I’ve started working there in order to earn some extra money and today was my first day.  I feel like I spend nearly every waking moment inside so it was amazing to get to spend part of the day outside and get paid for it too.

I worked alongside an intern for the city.  I had known him in school so conversation was extremely easy.  Which was great because from now on I’m going to be spending a few hours working with him every Thursday now.  The event coordinator showed us around the market and introduced us to the different vendors. While walking around, he and I were both taking copious amounts of pictures- with him now managing the City’s snapchat and I managing the library’s Instagram.

While we were left to manage our station, he and I began talking about the dogs that people will occasionally bring with them to the market. I half-jokingly said, “You know, I really think the market could use a mascot.” Then as we were talking this evolved into a legitimate idea. We could borrow a dog from the local shelter weekly, that way the dog can maintain exposure to people. They could wear a bandana that says that they are up for adoption and perhaps we could get a few extra dogs adopted.

Then, surprisingly, he brought it up to the events planner and they decided they would go that day to talk with the animal shelter about potentially making our idea an actual thing. I was tasked with designing the bandanas for the dogs.

It’s amazing when you collaborate with someone the things that your ideas can turn into.  Sometimes I’m still surprised just how much more effective it can be to talk ideas out with others rather than relying on your own understanding. Collaboration can bring some of the best ideas to fruition.

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