Tunnel Vision – Is it really that bad?

My boss gave me some feedback the other day on my work performance, as he was doing for all the employees. He said that I had a tendency to have tunnel vision but that this quality has been steadily improving.

I imagine it’s improving due to my recent goal to overcome my perfectionist mindset which I realize has held back my efficiency. So if he’s taken notice then that’s got to mean I’m getting somewhere.

But I began to wonder, is tunnel vision truly that bad? Or is it simply because of the kind of job that I have where I need to multitask several things at once that makes it a bad thing?

Often I feel more driven when I’m able to tunnel vision on something. Generally speaking, on more important projects if I can tunnel vision with the intent of getting it done effectively and efficiently rather than the desire to make it perfect. It makes me feel like I’m destroying the feeling of “I can’t want to” and knocking out my to-do list.

I realize that with tunnel vision, as with many other things, it’s about the correct time and place and being able to judge what that correct time and place may be. The correct time being when it’s not necessary to balance multiple projects at once or when you are able to dedicate the time towards completing a specific project.

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