Dreams Aren’t Perfect

After years of being famous, the celebrity becomes callous and rude to fans when they are approached for autographs. Throughout a tour, the singer copes with homesickness and a dread of being on the road. It’s this that can make a person realize that dreams aren’t always perfect.

When we have a dream, we regard it as absolute perfection. We put it on a pedestal. It compounds in our minds as something truly remarkable- without fault. But clearly, that’s untrue. Dreams are called dreams for a reason. Many see their dreams as unobtainable. The longer a person has a dream, the longer it’s able to fester and grow into something that becomes more of a fantasy.

How many times do we obtain a dream and then think, “What do I do now?” By giving dreams such a pedestal, we can pinhole ourselves. Imagine a person who is deeply enthralled by art history. Because of this deep interest, they decide to pursue a degree in this field. They graduate having paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to work in a field with a finite amount of opportunities. They lack the desire to teach, but that’s one of the only roles available. Suddenly, they’re stumped.

But the fault in a dream isn’t always so detrimental. Take children for instance. One of the most common things to believe is that children make a person happy. And indeed, it can give a person a higher purpose, it can bring couples closer, and it’s a way to carry on your legacy. But how many people rush into having children underestimating how completely and utterly draining it can be?

Of course, any good parent knows that all of the trials and tribulations are worth it, but the point is that the dream is never absolutely perfect. There will always be nights where all you want is a good night’s sleep but the child’s wails require otherwise. Or your child completely embarrasses you when visiting a friend’s home by eating the dirt out of pots of the houseplants. (Though taking pictures of that makes for great leverage when they’re in their disgruntled teen years.)*

So, in conclusion, while pursuing the things that you love and all of the things you want to achieve, just remember to do it practically and intelligently. Because dreams are never perfect.

*Completely kidding, don’t do that.

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