Jobs And Relationships Similarities: Compatibility

There’s an overgeneralized and overused phrase that everyone’s heard at least several times in their lifespan: opposites attract. How much further from the truth could that be?

One would think that being with someone opposite yourself would enrich your life with that which you are not accustomed, adding variety and excitement. But what it generally leads to, however, is arguments and disappointment.

The most successful relationships that I have witnessed, and experienced, are ones with a significant amount of compatibility. I’m not just talking about your average, they like to dance, I like to dance type of compatibility. I’m talking about the deep kind of compatibility. Similar viewpoints on things like politics, standards, expectations, or values.

It’s not unsurprising that the rule of compatibility also applies to finding a job that’s the right fit. Some people value a high income over all else, so they find a job with a high pay rate, regardless of any other factor of the job. In their minds, that’s enough. But it can cause them to lack passion in their job and may create the potential to be surpassed in skill by someone who does have that passion.

People should seek out jobs that they enjoy, not just for monetary reasons (though of course, this helps) and not just for the amount of vacation time. Does your place of employment have the same values as you (i.e. does it make investments that you agree with)? Does your place of employment value you as an employee? Do you agree with their mission? Are you excited about what they’re selling?





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