You Can Only Thrive Under the Proper Conditions

As a gift, my mother had received violets from someone at work. They were potted in a large bowl. By the time I got home that night, the poor things were wilting. I gandered at them sitting on our kitchen counter, “Did you water them?” I asked her.

“I did but they haven’t seemed to perk up at all.” Hm. Strange.

A few days pass and we continue this routine of regularly watering them, but yet no improvement. In fact, quite the opposite. Then I come across the tag that it came with. And I see it. It says 6+ hours direct sunlight. I moved the sad-looking plant to our porch where it could absorb copious amounts of rays. After just a couple of hours in the sun, there was a notable improvement.

By this point, all of the once vibrant flower petals had all but wilted and fallen off. But I consistently watered it and made sure it was getting the sunlight it needed. Then, it sprouted buds, and the next day after that all of the flowers had returned. I had successfully brought a plant back from the dead! (One of the reasons why this is so significant is because I have never actually been able to keep a plant alive prior to this.)

So what’s my point? That everyone thrives in different situations. For some, that means college, for other’s, that might mean something else. No one is cookie-cutter and we’re all unique. We all just have to find our own individual way to thrive.

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