Don’t Wait For Inspiration

Jason Isbell is an amazing musician. I was introduced to his music some time ago he was on Saturday Sessions on CBS This Morning, and I still find myself thinking about his segment. His peculiarly named song, If We Were Vampires, enthralled me. It was an exuberantly deep song. It had such a passion behind it that I find a lot of music circulating on the top 30 hits seem to lack. You could just tell he wrote it with love.

At one point in the interview portion in the segment, he said that after he got sober from his struggle with alcohol, everything about his work changed. He “…stopped waiting on inspiration and started working really really hard.”

That resonated with me. As someone who also is passionate about music, I find myself waiting for inspiration to begin writing a song. But waiting for inspiration can be like expecting a paycheck without having put any effort towards earning one.

Sitting down and just writing even when you’re not in the mood can be so much more effective than simply waiting for something to come along that inspires that act. And this goes for more than just writing. It can apply to pursuing any career, hobby, or passion. Just work really hard or go out and seek the inspiration you need. Don’t wait.



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