Failure Occurs When Focus Faulters

One of the most important rules in running a race is to never look back. But what I think is equally important is to never look around. Narrow your gaze to the finish line and don’t let your attention waver. With practice, this becomes muscle memory and every motion you make that moves you closer to the end grows more fluid.

That focus falters when you glance at the crowd that is awaiting your wrong move or when you acknowledge the creeping feeling that your opponent is gaining. And the effect of this faux pas is your opponent gaining on you even more, or you trip and fall. The focus was lost and, therefore, everything with it.

The same can be said of any of your goals. That promotion you want, the weight you want to lose, the singing competition you want to win, achieving a deeper sense of spirituality, what say you. If you focus too much on what others are doing, rather than pouring your attention into that which you want, you deprive yourself of the brainpower that could give you the competitive edge to succeed above all odds.

Don’t dismay because those around you are achieving greatness and you have not. That’s what holds you back. Go out and find your own greatness, narrow your attention in on it, and take it like it’s yours. Because it is.


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