Creativity and Forward Thinking Review

This week the focus was creativity and forward thinking. I enjoyed a lot of the content for this week and it was very inciteful. It was interesting to consume content that I found myself finding points I initially wanted to disagree with as so far the content I have encountered for this module have beenContinue reading “Creativity and Forward Thinking Review”

Urban Outfitters Haul: Product Review

As a fashion and design aficionado, an entrepreneur, and a lover of shopping, I have decided to begin documenting my experience with the various products that I purchase from different popular brands. I’ll be critiquing the quality of fabric, how comfortable the product feels, and how alike it truly is to how it was advertised.Continue reading “Urban Outfitters Haul: Product Review”

Sometimes Things Just Fall Into Place

I walked out of the library to an alluring scene. The sun was out, it was one of those days that wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold. I was on my lunch break and as I approached my car I noted that the sidewalk was completely covered in flower petals. I couldn’t let suchContinue reading “Sometimes Things Just Fall Into Place”

The Value of Collaboration

My city has a farmer’s market every Thursday. I’ve started working there in order to earn some extra money and today was my first day.  I feel like I spend nearly every waking moment inside so it was amazing to get to spend part of the day outside and get paid for it too. IContinue reading “The Value of Collaboration”

Tunnel Vision – Is it really that bad?

My boss gave me some feedback the other day on my work performance, as he was doing for all the employees. He said that I had a tendency to have tunnel vision but that this quality has been steadily improving. I imagine it’s improving due to my recent goal to overcome my perfectionist mindset whichContinue reading “Tunnel Vision – Is it really that bad?”

The Sleepy Girl’s Guide to Maintaining Productivity

Scientists say that teenagers require more sleep than adults, and from my personal experience, that has definitely rung true. But for me, it seems that this requirement for more sleep is something I have yet to grow out of. So until it goes away (which I’m beginning to think it might not), I have toContinue reading “The Sleepy Girl’s Guide to Maintaining Productivity”

Dreams Aren’t Perfect

After years of being famous, the celebrity becomes callous and rude to fans when they are approached for autographs. Throughout a tour, the singer copes with homesickness and a dread of being on the road. It’s this that can make a person realize that dreams aren’t always perfect. When we have a dream, we regardContinue reading “Dreams Aren’t Perfect”