Marketing Isn’t Just Running Ads

Ads have the power to entice someone to purchase your service or product, but it’s not what gets them coming back. The thing that creates consistent, reliable customers is the experience. Both the experience of using the product and the experience of interacting with the employees of a company that leads to the sale. And how do you build those valuable interactions? Not by planning but by doing.

Marketing is heavily reliant on action. Yet what can commonly be seen from businesses is 95% planning and 5% doing. Definitely not the kind of ratio of successful marketing. Quick, easy, and powerful marketing is the CEO of a company going out of his way to shake hands with customers when he has the chance. It’s the welcomer who you first see as you walk in the door with a warm smile and says, “Welcome to our business, what can I help you with today?”

You may have a great product but if an employee isn’t helpful to a customer or makes them feel unwelcome, you can bet that you just lost yourself a regular customer. Maybe even a couple of customers as they may tell their friends or colleagues about the poor service they received.

People are not interested in your product because of what it is, they want it for what it does. Every product a person can purchase was created to make life easier. If it’s a chainsaw they’re purchasing cuts, or if it’s singing lessons they’re purchasing a better singing voice. Always keep in mind that you’re not selling a product, you’re selling a solution to a problem. In making life easier, the employees of a business play a large role in making the experience of purchasing the product easy as well.

A marketer’s duty is to create ads that don’t embellish. People need to be convinced of how great a business is with the truth. By over exaggerating how great a product is, when you don’t deliver on that, that will hurt your reputation. This is true of salespeople as well. When on the sales floor, the salesman must also be honest and work with integrity. Lest a customer hold a grudge against your business because the salesman convinced them to purchase a product that did not meet the expectations that the salesman created. Salespeople are also marketers.

So to review: Take action, create positive experiences, you’re not selling what your product is, you’re selling what your product does, and don’t embellish.



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