Negativity Never Spurs Growth

Ever meet someone who just radiated negativity? Their demeanor is hostile, their countenance always sardonic, and their tone callous. Like two magnet negatives  meeting, they naturally repel you.

It’s one thing to have a bad day, it’s another thing to be an all-around negative person. What causes a person to be so of and consumed by negativity? It’s what they think about. Your mind contains the very essence of who you are, it’s your motivator- your influencer and, therefore, what constantly occupies your mind occupies all of you.

Negative people are so conditioned by their way of thinking that they are wholly unconscious that they’re even doing it. Moreover, they’re unconscious of it’s outward effect. In seeing everything in a negative light, life becomes dull and you’ll seek out the worst in others because that’s all that is filtered into the brain.

This kind of behavior is the most inhibiting in any environment, but it’s especially such in the workplace. It’s extremely hindering for productivity to focus on the negatives of any situation. Work without passion is hardly work at all- it’s a waste of time as things are done without care and intention behind them.

Negativity cripples work ethic, effectiveness, and the desire to improve. If you hold the belief that you won’t find success, that’s exactly what will happen because the desire of victory is crippled by the pessimistic assumption. The first step of correction is building a consciousness of thought, and trading the negative thoughts for positive ones. If you can control your thoughts, you can take control of your life.

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