Instagram Rehab: Update 2

Posting regularly has definitely proven to be difficult. But now that I have enacted a software to automatically update our page at a designated time, I’ve found a new challenge. I’m struggling to produce as much content as I want to be able to. It’s a library, for goodness sake. There’s tons of material.

The part of it that becomes a struggle is taking pictures that are truly engaging. I could just take a picture of a new book but how can I appeal this to our audience? This is still something that I’m working to perfect: creating more great content faster. I imagine this will become easier as I improve my prioritizing skills.

On the upside, literally, our following is up! When I took over the account, it began with 174 followers and we are now currently at 190. Our likes are also steadily on the incline, but it’s difficult to tell quite how much as it can vary from post to post.

I’ve also realized that because we are such a tight-knit community, businesses rely on each other to promote one another’s business. This proves to be a great advantage in our web presence. One example is of a post that I’m currently creating. Conveniently, I had to work an event at my theater job that my boss at the library attended. At this event, he received a grant from the hosts of the event for the library. So not only was I able to get pictures, I was also able to convince my boss at the theater to repost my Instagram post of the event (once I have it up) to the Regent’s Instagram. #NowThat’sNetworking

Here are some of the most recent posts:

IMG_4785          IMG_4784

Some posts that I’m currently finishing up:




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