Value Proposition

The following is a value proposition that I have written to appeal to a local business near me.

Mr. Jones,

I love all the things that your business is doing. I purchased a necklace for my mother from your boutique and she absolutely loved it! You are an incredible asset to our small town. I happened upon your website which looks great! I have a few recommendations as to how you can make your online presence even better.

1.) Utilizing Instagram: I notice that you have an Instagram account but I don’t see it being utilized to it’s highest potential. Studies have shown that more consumer interaction is generated with more consistent postings at a higher frequency. Utilizing your Instagram this way can assist in keeping your customers more informed about sales, promotions, or other need-to-know information. Or even just to show off all that you have to offer, all while building your following.

What would be needed: In my experience, this can be a chore to maintain without the proper tools. I have found that software such as “Later” or “TakeOff” to be extremely valuable for this. They enable you to create Instagram posts in advance and it automatically posts them on a designated day and time.

How I can help: In building a library’s Instagram following, I was able to increase interaction by an average of 300% within just the first few weeks. I can teach you the ins and outs of what makes a great post, the proper use of hashtags, and what kind of content people would love to see from you. As well as teach you how to use a post-scheduling software.

2.) Quality pictures for your quality products: I love so many of the products you sell and while checking out your website I noticed that the images of the products aren’t as eye-catching as seeing the product in person. Having striking photos is just as important as having striking products; the pictures people see online is a huge motivator for getting them through the door.

What would be needed: You don’t need to invest copious amounts of money in a professional photographer or professional photography equipment. All you would need is a bright lamp or two, a simple, solid-colored backdrop, and a touch of photo editing.

How I can help: For free, I would be happy to show you how you can take professional-looking product photos right in your store and the way you should edit them to make them really stand out. I was able to do this for a small jewelry making business when I created their website, taking and editing all of the photos of their products myself.

I would love to use my skills to generate even more business for you. All that I hope to receive in exchange is the experience. Let me know your thoughts, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Alexandria Bazan




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