Successful People Are Skilled Communicators

The basis upon which all things properly function is not dumb luck. Thankfully, it’s something you can bend to your whim: Communication. He who masters communication can become a master of any craft.

Communication is much more complicated than most would think. While your email may make total sense to you, to someone else it may be misconstrued. Same with in-person conversations.  While saying words is easy, what is significant is when someone is effective at using them.

It’s the basics such as using proper annunciation, being genuine, having an interest in someone else. It’s being able to convey a certain tone without coming across as fake, learning to say things in a way that peak another person’s interest, and so many more things.

This is what makes successful salespeople. The ability to convey to a customer what a product is and why they need it requires creative communication. More than that, they may completely understand how a certain product or service may be valuable to them but they still don’t have a desire to commit to the purchase – smart people don’t like to spend money if they don’t have to. Effective communication can help to invoke that desire in someone to come up with a great deal that both parties would be happy with.



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