Great Product, Terrible Name

Fashion is always changing, what’s on trend now becomes “so last month” without forwarding notice. Try as I may, I can’t always keep up. One trend that I have noticed that’s been sticking around for quite awhile is the 80’s-90’s trends. Headbands, platform shoes, scrunchies, baggy windbreakers, you name it.

One trend that’s trying to make a comeback, but truly won’t: fanny packs.

They have become a staple item for tacky tourists and soccer moms who wear the scary kind of mom jeans. I have a hard time picturing them worn without being combined with a sun visor.

But honestly, this is an extremely functional item, especially for women. A purse gets in the way, you have to keep an eye on it, and while there are so many amazing designs, they are so expensive. I would be completely on board with them if it wasn’t for the name.

I’m very close to positive that the reason this item has such a bad rep is due to its name. Who wants to buy or be caught wearing something that has the word fanny in it. People were able to look past it when they first were popular, can changing the name to “belt bag” truly aid in sales?

So far in my experience, the answer is no. Because despite the name change, they have been and forever will be labeled as fanny packs. The lesson to be learned: be conscious of how you market an item, details like its name may forever brand it as undesirable.

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