Ugly Doesn’t Sell


There’s plenty of businesses who have this down pat. Then…there are other ones. It’s often overlooked by smaller businesses.

I’m talking about aesthetic.

Often people think “If we serve it, they will come” but it doesn’t always work that way. You have to entice them first. With your brand. If you have a weak brand or an unattractive one, it’s much less likely that a person will be drawn to your business.

Take this ice cream shop for example. It has a beautiful, centralized location in a spot of high-traffic in the downtown area. However, upon first glance of the business, a person is quickly deterred by the dilapidated, mismatched lawn furniture situated outside the entrance. If they can bring themselves to make it inside, they’ll notice the interior is severely dated and is in desperate need of a good power-wash. For lack of better term, it looks sketch.

Now, when people think of their business, they will think of a dirty, run down place rather than a quality ice cream shop. As a result, that is now their brand: dirty. Is it any surprise that their sales fall flat?

Comparatively, there are ice cream shops that produce beautiful products, the kind that individuals love to post pictures of on their Instagram such as the rolled ice cream, or the ice cream served with bubble waffle cones. And they have beautiful, clean interiors that welcome customers in like moths to a flame. They have signature looks, and customers practically do their marketing for them. Their brand is built around quality, and therefore that’s what people associate their business with.

Never underestimate the power of beauty, because ugly simply doesn’t sell.


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