How to Gain Respect

I’ve never given much thought to what makes someone respectable in my eyes. High school gave me the perception that you respect people simply because they have authority. But that doesn’t give you the desire to respect them.

So what does influence respect?


When someone doesn’t do something that they say they’re going to do, it’s a letdown. When they do it repeatedly, it’s a problem.

Respect stems from confidence. Confidence in someone’s ability to provide, in their honesty, and in their integrity. A lack of ability to follow through tarnishes that, and in extreme cases, to the point where people no longer believe any of the things that an anti-followthroughitive¬†person says.

If you have troubles following through with the things you say that you are going to do, identify that which is hindering you, and rectify it. Without respect, you’ll diminish your success and every relationship you ever have.


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