Yes, And…

I always strive for “yes, and”

What’s “yes, and” you might ask?

It started as an acting game that I learned in my Intro to Drama class. Some of our most eccentric and uproarious stories were created this way. It’s an improvisational exercise in which a group of two or more people creates a scene by always saying, “yes and…” at the beginning of each new phrase. Whatever the new “yes, and” sentence is, the actors have to oblige and build onto it. It creates the scene piece by piece.

But I’ve given it my own twist. In the workplace, I try to have a “yes, and” attitude. This could mean that someone asks me to complete a task for them and it’s done so thoroughly that I exceed their expectations. Or maybe I complete the day’s work early and get a head start on the next day. Just seeking out extra things to do to create value or make another person’s job easier.

It does more than build a scene. It builds a reputation, a powerful work ethic, social capital.

That’s “yes, and”.

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