Take a Moment to Appreciate Someone Else’s Job

As the library I work at undergoes construction, I have become well acquainted with a few of the construction workers and other project managers.

I’ve had the chance to talk to these wonderful people about what exactly it is they do and see it firsthand. The way the windows are set up at the library makes it a perfect observatory for viewing the process in action. As a result, I have come to the realization that it’s easy to forget what truly goes into creating a building, or creating any project for that matter.

I recall one day in particular, it had been a cold day with frigid wind chills. Chip, a six foot seven ox of a man, the head of construction for the project, came in to talk to the director of the library and stopped for a brief chat with me.

I recall asking him at what point in temperature or weather conditions would they have to call off work for the day. He said when temperatures get to 30 below is when they generally have to  but he said he’s even worked through that. I recall him saying “I had no choice but to keep moving. It was the only way to maintain my body temperature.” While I may be a little jealous of how much he makes, I’m definitely not jealous of what he does.

A lot of times new buildings seem to just appear, or an amazingly crafted ad crosses your path. It’s easy to see it and continue on with your day. But what if you thought for just a second about how it came to be? How it was crafted, and the face behind it’s creation?

If we simply took a moment to appreciate other people’s jobs, we would have a deeper admiration for everything around us.

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