Presentation is Powerful

Ads always need to be eye-catching to get someone’s attention. A song needs to be recorded with great quality in order to be desirable to listen to. In many areas, success is all about presentation.

Presentation is an art form. An art form in which you have the power to invoke a certain feeling with your words, with images, or sounds. The beauty of language is the ability to present information in a multitude of ways.

But obviously, presentation is significantly more than just words. It’s the ability to invoke a feeling, and true craftsmanship is the ability to invoke a particular feeling.

For ads, the feeling they are generally trying to invoke is desire, a wanting for what they are trying to sell. Some brands are able to have lines of people waiting at the storefront for hours upon hours in anticipation of a sale.

For comedians, it’s laughter. They specially curate their stories and lines for the strongest effect on their audience.

For songwriters, it could be sadness, happiness, longing, or any number of things. They can move a crowd to tears with the right chord progression in a minor key.

That’s the beauty of presentation.  You can do whatever the heck you want with it to achieve a certain goal.


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