Thirteen letters. Four words. The most irritating thing to hear in the workplace: “That’s not my job.” Want to know if someone is difficult to work with? They’ll usually say that sentence at one point or another.

I have found that the people who have the “That’s not my job” mindset have a lack of adaptability, are without the willingness to go the extra mile to help make someone else’s job easier (which is in fact what a job is), and I have found them to be the least communicative. They will dismiss taking on an additional task or project as egregious work rather than seeing it as an opportunity to showcase their helpfulness, skills, or stamina at work.

You should make it a point to go out of your way to assist around the office. When someone asks you to take on more work, do it with enthusiasm. When asked to provide a helping hand, go above and beyond. You’ll create a great reputation for yourself and you may just be surprised by the resulting opportunities.