When you hear the word contagion, what does your mind instantly think of? Sickness and disease, right? Recently I wrote an article about how one person’s attitude can create a chain reaction in others, specifically in a work environment. This got me thinking about how contagious the “minor” things we are exposed to regularly really are. Ideologies, perceptions, natural reactions, behaviors, habits, emotions, and the list goes on.

This idea is biblical as well. 1 Corinthians 15:33 states “Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company ruins good morals.’ I don’t believe this verse is only referring to people: bad company can be more than just a negative friend that you spend time with. Company is anything and everything that has a regular place in your life and ultimately has influence. It can mean the degrading music that’s popular, the biased college professor, or the tv shows where immoral behavior is treated as the norm (talking about you, Jersey Shore).

It takes a certain level of self awareness to realize when something you’re exposed to has begun to take effect on you.  But the effect experienced doesn’t have to be bad. Surrounding yourself with ambitious people can draw you to make new goals and achieve them. Or reading a book like “The Magic of Thinking Big” can give you a more positive outlook on your career and life.


I’ve become picky about who and what I choose to surround myself with. As I become busier with my jobs, personal projects, and my own development as a professional, my free time is becoming more and more limited. If I’m going to invest that time in anything or anyone, it’s going to be with positivity and personal development in mind.

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