Building An Online Buisness: Week Four

I never thought that I could be so excited about a website builder.

This week I focused solely on the website, adding the products, their pictures, descriptions, and every other aspect that a customer would potentially interact with. I was so glad that I was doing everything with Squarespace. In fact, Squarespace made implementing the things that I wanted so easy that I’ll probably be switching my own website to their service.


Adding the pictures to the website was slightly more challenging than I had anticipated. I had originally planned for them to all have the same background color but upon uploading them onto the site it was far more noticeable that the background colors weren’t as alike as I had thought I had edited them to be.

This meant that I had to go back and edit quite a few of them. However, it was difficult to change the background to the correct shade without altering the true qualities of the products. I then had to make a choice between perfectly cohesive pictures and staying true to the products; I decided that the former was more important. The different shades of white in the images eventually did grow on me as I edited the site more.


I implemented a minimalist theme to draw the eye to the jewelry rather than to the site itself. After figuring out how to add the logo to the site, I centered a vast majority of the site designed around the logo to compliment and echo its design. I did this by using a serif font for every element on every page that the logo appeared on and encasing clickthrough headings in a similar design.


I created a news page that can be used as a means of informing our shoppers of what’s to come, what they can expect from us in the future and provide a way for them to stay in the know. On the page, I enabled a button in which they can sign up for notifications of incoming products.

Landing Page

I wrote an “About Us” page to give an overview of both who/what the business is but also what customers can expect from the business. My goal was to write something that would tell customers that Lachlan Designs is different than your average mall jewelry.


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