Landing Page Critique

A week or so ago, another Praxis participant offered up her website for critique for the portion of the Praxis curriculum that I’m working on. The following is my execution of that. Overall I really enjoyed her landing page. It showed off the things she’s currently working on and had great organization. My main critiqueContinue reading “Landing Page Critique”

Marketing Isn’t Just Running Ads

Ads have the power to entice someone to purchase your service or product, but it’s not what gets them coming back. The thing that creates consistent, reliable customers is the experience. Both the experience of using the product and the experience of interacting with the employees of a company that leads to the sale. AndContinue reading “Marketing Isn’t Just Running Ads”

Negativity Never Spurs Growth

Ever meet someone who just radiated negativity? Their demeanor is hostile, their countenance always sardonic, and their tone callous. Like two magnet negatives  meeting, they naturally repel you. It’s one thing to have a bad day, it’s another thing to be an all-around negative person. What causes a person to be so of and consumedContinue reading “Negativity Never Spurs Growth”

Instagram Rehab: Update 2

Posting regularly has definitely proven to be difficult. But now that I have enacted a software to automatically update our page at a designated time, I’ve found a new challenge. I’m struggling to produce as much content as I want to be able to. It’s a library, for goodness sake. There’s tons of material. TheContinue reading “Instagram Rehab: Update 2”

Educated: A Memoir Book Review

What can I say about Educated? The first words that come to mind are: raw, empowering, incredulous, and heartbreaking. Educated: A Memoir is written by Tara Westover, a graduate of Cambridge, who was raised by survivalists in the mountains of Idaho who, due to their severe distrust in anything except their interpretation of the Bible, neverContinue reading “Educated: A Memoir Book Review”

Successful People Are Skilled Communicators

The basis upon which all things properly function is not dumb luck. Thankfully, it’s something you can bend to your whim: Communication. He who masters communication can become a master of any craft. Communication is much more complicated than most would think. While your email may make total sense to you, to someone else itContinue reading “Successful People Are Skilled Communicators”

The Problem With Giving Today

In the age of social media, it seems everything is recorded and posted online. Truly, it gets to the point of being ridiculous because people don’t think of the repercussions of  their actions before posting, or how others may perceive it. I love to see positivity on the internet, especially when sometimes it seems theContinue reading “The Problem With Giving Today”

It’s Not Enough to Be Good at Your Job

“Young people are lazy” is something that I hear quite a bit from matured people. I’m not denying that there may be a bit of validity to that, but the laziness that young people inhibit is the kind of laziness that I observe in many adults who have a job but not a career. ByContinue reading “It’s Not Enough to Be Good at Your Job”