Negativity Never Spurs Growth

Ever meet someone who just radiated negativity? Their demeanor is hostile, their countenance always sardonic, and their tone callous. Like two magnet negatives  meeting, they naturally repel you. It’s one thing to have a bad day, it’s another thing to be an all-around negative person. What causes a person to be so of and consumed […]

Educated: A Memoir Book Review

What can I say about Educated? The first words that come to mind are: raw, empowering, incredulous, and heartbreaking. Educated: A Memoir is written by Tara Westover, a graduate of Cambridge, who was raised by survivalists in the mountains of Idaho who, due to their severe distrust in anything except their interpretation of the Bible, never […]

Successful People Are Skilled Communicators

The basis upon which all things properly function is not dumb luck. Thankfully, it’s something you can bend to your whim: Communication. He who masters communication can become a master of any craft. Communication is much more complicated than most would think. While your email may make total sense to you, to someone else it […]