Instagram Rehab: Update 1

The Allegan District Library has been swiftly working to expand its reach within the community, as well as expand physically. After several years of jumping through hoops, the library has finally received federal funding for a well-needed building expansion and renovation.

This highly anticipated project is being followed with a few growing pains but also community excitement. And while the library has been making leaps and bounds to improving it’s productivity for patrons, I felt there was something that was lacking – our social media presence. By the time that I had received my job at the library, our instagram account hadn’t been utilized in at least a year, the last post having been put up in the summer of 2016.

I wanted a way to be more involved in my job and take on more responsibilities outside of my member services role and had been keeping our instagram account in the back of my mind, not thinking they would actually be on board with allowing me to contribute. But then one morning I showed our Assistant Director some pictures that I took in the early morning.

And our conversation about them led to her saying, “You could be our social media coordinator.” Wanting to make sure she was being serious, the next day I addressed our Director about my serious interest in taking on the role and after our talk he granted me full control of our Instagram, which took significantly less convincing than I was prepared for.

Demo Day

At the point in which I received access to our account the page had 174 followers, all of the pictures had likes ranging between 1 – 6 at the most, and it did not strike me as visually appealing. My first order of business was purging the account of the previous pictures that did not fit the aesthetic that I hope to create. I kept just a few so that the page didn’t look completely bear but I may still change that as I update it.

The First Post

I had the best photo opportunity when a mother with two children came into the library to watch the construction workers. Her son was thrilled to be able to see the construction in action which inspired a creative caption and thankfully the mother was so gracious to allow me to take a picture.


Over the course of a day the picture received 17 likes on Instagram, 12 reactions and 2 shares on Facebook which to me was significant considering the amount of interaction other posts of ours had previously gotten. Since posting, our account has also gained 3 new followers, one of which came from the linked Facebook account.

My Goals:

  • I hope to build our Instagram following exponentially
  • Create a heightened awareness of the events and happenings at the library and boost attendance and interaction as a result
  • Reach and connect with the younger patrons

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