Building An Online Busness: Week Three

This week I focused my attention on the products themselves, determining pricing, creating descriptions and names for each product based on its makeup, and photographing everything.

Pricing and Naming

We pulled all of the products, sat down and went through them all. We listed what materials were used, how much money was invested in the materials, the amount of time invested in making the piece, and based on those factors we were able to determine a selling price.

There was a small amount of debating the final price of certain items, I recognized the amount of work and quality put into many of the products and so I wanted slightly higher pricing. She came from the viewpoint of having received very good deals on the materials used and therefore didn’t want to go too high on the asking price. We were always able to meet in the middle and come up with a price that we both found to be appropriate.

Then it was on to naming the products. This was slightly challenging at first because we initially were too focused on being creative with the names. For instance, for the following product, we had initially named it “Montage Hodgepodge”. After exploring jewelry that was for sale on Pinterest and other platforms, we found that a lot of vendors used their names in a more practical and descriptive way, rather than just something creative. Following this, we then adjusted the naming process, and changed this one’s name to “Blue Montage”.




Initially, I had planned to find a photographer for this project. I believed this to be the best way to get quality photos of the products. But after the business owner had shown me another jewelry vendor who had very poor pictures but clearly a decent amount of sales, I thought “I can do that, and do it better too”.

I also realized that it would be beneficial to enable the business owner to take pictures of products herself as she may not always want to have the expense of paying someone else to do it for her. Having the ability to take pictures of products as she makes them would help her improve efficiency as well. After scouring Amazon for some sort of a backdrop, I purchased the Depthlan Folding Photo Studio Kit Box. 


 This product provided great lighting as well as a quality backdrop. I was very happy with the purchase. Using this and a Nikon camera that I borrowed from a relative I was able to make quality looking photos. 

I was surprised to learn that great photos aren’t just about taking a great picture, it’s also reliant on the way the photos are edited. With a standard editing tool on my MacBook, I was able to take a picture from looking like the first picture to the second picture.

_DSC0044     _DSC0040

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