Building an Online Business: Week Two

This week I did not follow a concrete plan, instead focusing the smaller details.

For shipping the items we had originally planned to take a simple route by wrapping the products in bubble wrap and placing them in standard shipping envelopes. After some thought, however, I realized that this would not properly convey the craftsmanship that she puts into her products. I want someone to have a positive impression of the products before they even open it.

Together the business owner and I determined that the product will be contained in a white box wrapped with black ribbon and our logo on a customized tag, using standard shipping envelopes to protect it. Eventually, we hope to design custom shipping envelopes that we can put the logo and a fancy print on but for now, it’s an unnecessary expense.


The process of creating the tags with our logo required a bit of documentation. I needed the right size, with the right amount of product, for the right price. I scoured several websites that offered customized tags in search of the perfect fit. We decided to use the following image on our tags.


I found that the best way to find the best value was to calculate how much I would be paying for a single tag with the given pricing. The first website I looked at was I selected one-sided for the tags, and the size 2″x 3″. They offered 25 for $9.83 which came out to $0.39 a tag but it was an extra charge to add a hole as well.

There were a few websites that I was able to rule out fairly quickly. At after including all the options required my total came out to $0.30 a tag which is a reasonable price. Unfortunately, a minimum purchase of 250 tags would be required which seemed a bit excessive to me. offered a variety of shapes which I really liked, however, 45 tags cost $35.97, equivalent to $0.80 a tag and I couldn’t justify spending nearly a dollar per tag. And had a bizarre layout of their website with weird sizing, and no image upload option.

The one I chose was one that I had initially looked at but wasn’t sure about because I wanted to see what else was available. With Vistaprint, I could easily upload my design and I could purchase 25 tags for just $6 which is $0.25 a tag – by far the best price I could find. I purchased the 25 to give us the flexibility to change the tag design later without feeling obligated to go through all that we have first.


I had initially purchased website hosting and a domain with SiteGround and was building the website from there. Shortly after beginning this process I heard from within the Praxis community about the convenience of Square Space for creating shopping websites. I decided to move the domain name over and cancel my website hosting with SiteGround in order to create a website that’s more easily manageable for the person that I’m making the site for. So far I love the format and ease of using Squarespace.


Setting up with Squarespace required an email and I had previously set up the website with my email and planned to transfer it over but then realized it would be more efficient to create an email specifically for Lachlan Designs. Apparently, the username lachlandesigns was taken by some kind of an architecture or home decor business (which I discovered upon a quick google search) so I went with michigan.lachlandesigns.

Next week I will be focusing on the photography and adding the images and descriptions of products to the website.


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